Joseph Gidjunis

Director, Senior Photographer, Founder of Veracity

Joseph Gidjunis is an entrepreneur and social impact advocate who founded Veracity Studios. Veracity is a division of JPG Photo & Video which started as a wedding and portrait studio in 2005. In Veracity, Gidjunis has created a team comprising award-winning artists who love telling story through the medium of narrative still and motion production.

Gidjunis is a former reporter and photojournalist, serving at newspapers across the Mid-Atlantic and served as a correspondent for USA Today. He has been featured in hundreds of publications worldwide, going viral after capturing moments such as the Pope Kiss where Pope Francis stopped his motorcade in Philadelphia to perform a blessing for Michael Keating. In addition, his photos of wedding couples being photobombed by Naked Bikers, as well as sharks have been shared across the globe. For his creativity, Gidjunis was ranked worldwide as 3rd best wedding photojournalist in 2016 by the WPJA. He has also been ranked—twice—among the top 20 wedding photographers in the world by the ISPWP, and has earned 16 Fearless Photographer awards. His company has been voted the Best in Philadelphia multiple times by the Philadelphia A-List and the Philadelphia Inquirer. In 2017, his company was selected to enter the Hall of Fame by the Knot, ranking it among the most professional in the country.

Gidjunis is a graduate of The George Washington University in D.C. where he majored in journalism and political science. He worked for 10 years in various newspapers including USA Today. In 2016, Gidjunis added regular political work to his studio’s portfolio, becoming Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney’s official photographer. In 2018, Veracity produced more than 40 political ads for candidates in 8 states.

Gidjunis also serves as Vice President of the Manayunk Development Corporation, the neighborhood where he and his wife, Rebecca, live with their 2-year-old son.

Cindi Landmesser

Studio Manager, Photographer

Cindi began her photography career at Drexel University, where she honed her skills for portrait photography and developed her love for capturing people as they are. There is little she loves more than snapping the perfect photo to illustrate exactly who someone is to her. She is a proud Philadelphian transplant; choosing to stay in the city she’s grown to love after graduation, Cindi began working full time at Veracity Studios and its parent company JPG Photo and Video. When she’s not creating order from the chaos that is the creative teams, Cindi enjoys hunting for the perfect thrifted wardrobe and perfecting the best makeup look for her OOTD.

Andy Hoffman

Senior Video Editor, Senior Videographer

Hailing from Pottstown, PA, Hoffman he moved into the city to study film and media production at Temple University before an exciting career as Victory Brewing Company’s digital media specialist. Andrew is a specialist with motion cameras, utilizing gimbal-based stabilizers and steadicam operation to create fluid and dynamic shots. In the editing room he takes great pride in structuring narrative out of multiple interviews, compositing motion graphics and color grading. Grounded in traditional filmmaking, his biggest influences are Werner Herzog, Alfonso Cuarón and Edgar Wright. In his spare time, Andrew runs a beer-industry focused YouTube channel called The Bar Exam.

Justin Mayer

Photography Production Manager, Senior Photographer

Justin Mayer is a professional photographer that has been behind a camera for the better part of his 20’s. He went to college for photography with a strong emphasis on commercial product photography and architecture, he is heavily influenced by lines, symmetry, and good composition. He takes a lot of pride in his skill and ability when it comes to orchestrating an image, and is proud to work in the city that he loves, Philadelphia.

Some of the events Mayer has documented include: The Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl parade, Made in America festivals, and grand opening of the Museum of the American Revolution. He leads the Photography Team as Senior Editor at Veracity Studios.

Joe Ronca

Senior Video Editor, Videographer

Ronca is an award winning filmmaker and videographer, musician, artist, foodie and card carrying Simpsons-a-holic. He went to school in New York where he studied directing, screenwriting and 16mm film production. He likes his sugar with coffee and cream, keeps it going full steam, too sweet to be sour, too nice to be mean. Joe’s heroes range from Stevie Wonder to George Carlin, Stanley Kubrick to Danny Boyle, Stephen Hawking to Jeffrey Lebowski. In 2011 he created Yes, Hello! (, a sketch comedy show that received recognition from Comedy Central, which ran for three years. 

Chloe Elmer

Photography Editor, Photographer

Elmer loves photojournalism because capturing the unnoticed intimate moments of everyday life can make a difference. I love seeing the world through a camera, and traveling with my camera has allowed me to expand my worldview while meeting people of all backgrounds. I am a graduate of The Pennsylvania State University with a degree in visual communications, I have previously worked as a staff photojournalist shooting daily news and video for Calkins Media at The Bucks County Courier Times, The Intelligencer, and The Burlington County Times. In my spare time, I enjoy fitness and nutrition, listening to podcasts, drinking coffee, and volunteering at my local SPCA traveling.

Nock Mazuchowski

Video Editor, Senior Videographer

Nock is a native Philadelphian who worked his way to Veracity by starting with his parents’ VHS camcorder. He spent much of his time in middle and high school working the sound booth, joining the student-run news program. This led him to major in Film and Video at Drexel University, where his focus was audio and sound design.

Pat Brogan

Photo & Video Editor, Photographer

My photographs and video practices are primarily documentary, and revolve around my fascination with humanity. In my work I emphasize how environments, social interactions, and how daily tasks are different from one subject to the next. I often meet people through social networking, and create a foundation of my work though conversation. I want to emphasize the differences in norms, and how lives can be completely different from one another. He is a graduate of Kutztown University, majoring in Fine Art with a focus on art history.

Erin Weisgerber

Photographer, Office Assistant

Erin loves the world around her and constantly wants to capture all it has to offer. As an extroverted creative, she connects with people by offering a beautiful vision and a great experience. As a Drexel University graduate, she learned to fine tune her love for portraiture and tap into videography. She currently serves as a photographer, editor and office assistant, looking to continually push her creative boundaries.

Sally Linnett

Video Editor

Sally moved to Philadelphia from Washington state where he graduated from The Evergreen State College. His academic emphasis focused on media production, cultural studies, and philosophy while his professional background includes working in educational media and documentary filmmaking. Sally’s personal work poses questions of belonging, place, and movement to better understand what it means to be the subject of the camera.

The collaboration between colleagues and clients to bring a project from start to finish is an exciting part of working in Veracity’s multimedia environment. It takes dedication and a lot of snacks to make great content and Sally is thrilled to be the newest edition to this team. Always trying to learn and explore new possibilities, Sally makes the most of what this smart and talented team has to offer.