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This is no Zoom call.

Think of your next big event. Will everyone be there? Especially in the era of COVID-19? Starting in 2020, we’ve updated our video production capabilities to make any event more accessible to a wider audience than just those who can physically be in the room. This is not a single-camera operation such as Facebook or Instagram live. We have the capabilities of producing with a 3-4 camera live-switch integration, which adds a dynamic quality to your livestream. We have the ability to add graphics, logos, and nameplates live, as well as adding input from a computer monitor which we can rescale to present as a video, much like as you see on the local and national news. This product is a discreet, professional broadcast through multiple cameras. This level of production quality can’t be produced with standard social media integration. These livestreams can make any event look sleek, professional, effortless, and can allow a large meeting or conference to be communicated flawlessly to outside viewers. From board meetings to graduations, weddings to workout classes, our team has your back.

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