The Mayor’s Office

Project overview

Impressed with the work the team did surrounding The Pope’s Visit to Philadelphia – “The World Meeting of Families”, Stephanie Waters the then Digital Director of Mayor Kenney’s Office reached out to our founder Joseph Gidjunis with an opportunity to shoot for Philadelphia’s Mayor Jim Kenney.

Joe, thrilled, jumped on the opportunity to document Mayor Kenney’s first 100 days in office.

A Strong Photojournalistic Approach

The Mayor’s office needed a strong photojournalistic approach and due to Joe’s start in photography as a photojournalist, he excelled at the project leading the team to be brought on board to capture many more mayoral moments.

Over the span of three years JPG/Veracity Studios was held retainer with the Mayor’s office documenting everything from the Mayor’s plan for early education in the city, to the Eagle’s Super Bowl celebration parade.

One of the main challenges besides a tight budget, was that the team had a small time window frame to execute their shoots but it was their strength in flexibility that allowed them to create seven total videos and countless photographs that are now include all over Mayor Kenney’s website, and social networking pages.

It wasn’t until the birth of Joe’s child at the end 2016 that Joe, who had spearheaded all of the photography needs of the office, had to step down.

Client: City of Philadelphia, Mayor Kenney
Executive Producer: Stephanie Waters
Director of Photography: Joseph Gidjunis

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