The Museum of the American Revolution

The Project

Veracity Studios was contacted by Christine Spencer, the VP of Marketing at the Museum of the American Revolution to produce its “Museum Experience” film.

The Veracity team had previously worked with Christine in April capturing photo and video at the museum’s opening ceremony event, and she was eager to work with the studio on another project.

Putting Out a Call for Real Talent

The museum wanted to highlight the experience of visitors, showcasing a diversity of ages and races enjoying the exhibitions. After putting out a call for real talent on social media, and scouting the location, Veracity was ready to go. The team had access to the museum all day, but there was a catch — the museum would remain open during regular business hours, and they would only have two hours before open and after close with the space completely unoccupied. 

The team had to be conscious and respectful to the museum guests and their experience while capturing desired shots to please the client. Working a full 14-hr day, the team pulled together a video that not only showcased the museum’s rich collection and immersive galleries but drew upon the spirit and enthusiasm of our nation’s founding. 

In the end, the team finalized two videos that The Museum of the American Revolution used online, and on social. Additionally, The museum incorporated Veracity’s footage into 0:30 spots for broadcast.

Client: Museum of the American Revolution
Executive Producer: Christine Spencer, Courtney Risch
Associate Producer: Nock Mazuchowski
Director of Photography: Joseph Gidjunis
Editor: Laura Hoffman, Joseph Gidjunis
Camera Operators: Laura Hoffman, Joe Clement, Joseph Gidjunis